What Do I Get With My Life-Changing Certification?

What the heck do I get with my amazing 'Certification Course?' There are a lot of different equine assisted courses out there but which one will make you soar? Which one will give you the how to?  How does one choose? This is the only horse course with business training of it’s kind, because no one else has walked in our shoes. Make a living with our step-by-step business plan and work with our successful facilitators globally.

"You girls are amazing!! I'm blown away! I know of no other business training - thinking of university, college, technical college, private courses etc - that guide their graduates every step of the way. The course is worth so much more than the cost. You rock!"  Jane Hemingway-Mohr


The bonus is FREE training for the life of your career. Welcome to a company that knows that if YOU are not successful, we are not either. Kari, the owner, started with nothing except a dream. She rented a piece of land outside and rented the horses to begin this purposeful career. Here is a copy of her book 'It's Not Your Dream If It's Not Hard'.

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Mission Statement

We strive to advance working and understanding our horses continually. They are the key to our successful businesses. Our horse/horses are the ultimate teachers in globally helping people to change their lives. We move our certified clients into creating their own successful equine business in their community. In providing outstanding marketing solutions that work, business training and support for the life of their careers. Equine Connection - where successful facilitators in equine assisted learning are born.

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"Equine Assisted Learning Formula" is considerably different from any other equine guided program, and which is designed to produce consistent, desired and predictable outcomes when all 6 components of the formula are present.

The 6 Components:

  1. Establishing the foundation for understanding through a behaviour modifying module which includes self-evaluation, new skills learned, and specific behavioural choices as a result of increased self-awareness and personal accountability (relationship);
  2. Facilitating a curriculum; based on the theoretical foundations of behaviour modification
  3. Incorporating the basic principles of operant conditioning, the program’s "Formula" becomes fully interactive, providing participants with an opportunity for engagement in experiential learning.  Active participation paired with a positive response as it relates to a particular behaviour is observed to increase the occurrence of the learned behaviour over time (formula);
  4. Monitoring the horse’s response to the slightest change in the participant’s intention, emotion, and physical expression allows the facilitators to ‘read’ the participant when it may be otherwise impossible. In turn, the teaching strategies used by the facilitator can be adapted immediately to suit the participant’s responses. Working with the horse in this way provides a meaningful outcome for both the participant and facilitator (horse);
  5. Transferring observational cues related to the horse’s response from the facilitator to the participant builds skill in identifying and taking note of their intentions concerning the horse, altering their behaviours, and using these same techniques in their life beyond the confines of the arena. Through this experience, the participant develops a better understanding of the nature of the consequence for his or her actions (facilitation); and
  6. Evaluating the participant’s learning immediately following the arena experience builds personal accountability into the program. Accountability includes documentation of the arena experience and reflection of participant




People ask us all the time why and how we are different, when there are seemingly so many similarities between equine assisted learning certified businesses. We are not linked with any other company or organization in the world. The major difference would be that between July 2013-June 2014, Kari Fulmek was the only Certified Master Instructor due to unforeseen circumstances. She had to decide at that time to either go forward with helping others do what she does, or not be an instructor at all. She decided that she couldn't deprive the world of this amazing course.

Before Kari, this was a 4-day certification course and she added on the one more day to incorporate the business side of this equine assisted field. The reason for adding this day was because of all the struggles, losses, obstacles, challenges, debt to almost $300,000 (which incorporated a lot of ineffective spending that YOU would never have to spend! Kari’s always been an entrepreneur so she didn't think that this particular business would be hard to sell to organizations and clients but was she wrong!) and in between Jan 2009 - 2012 there was pure confusion in getting her business going! And that was the main reason that as a certified facilitator with clients, the organizations whom she was able to help could not understand what it was she was selling to them. She had no additional help from where she was certified on how to market this program, especially since all she heard was ‘everybody’ wants this, and yet, no one was signing up to take these incredible experiential learning programs with objectives. Most people would quit under all of those pressures and failures, but Kari didn't. That was why she knew that as an instructor it was her job to make it easier and more obtainable for all of the people that she trained.

We hired outside help to figure out how to make this business move forward and make a living at it. Spending over $40,000 on outside help created the change needed to help clients/organizations understand what it was they were going to get with these objectively driven programs with results, hence why the business day was created. Everything we’ve done - right or wrong - everything we’ve spent money on to move forward with equine assisted learning, everything we did so that we had a thriving business, we have put into our business day, so that every single certified facilitator that comes through our doors has a chance to thrive and make a nice living at their dream career! PLUS, we added the 6 month online training review to this course, because how in the heck do you become an expert in just 5 days unless you have to keep paying to come back to a company for more training. PLUS, we added Free Training for the lifetime of your career as we believe we are NOT successful at our job, unless our Certified Facilitators are successful at theirs.

Kari believes to this day that she had to go through everything to be able to help you! To help you not do what she did but all the right things to move your business right out of the gate instead of having to struggle along as so many people would say, 'that's my sign' to not do this business. She believes that when we share everything and help our certified facilitators daily (literally), we are then achieving a world-wide team of facilitators helping people to change their lives with the power of these magnificent horses. PLUS with everything you receive in the business package you DO NOT have to spend the money that it takes to move your business forward as it's all designed and ready for you.

We have been International since 2015 and can bring this course to any place in the world! We can also help others to get their insurance and set up their business just like ours. We felt, why make people go through all the hardships when we can just give them everything to become successful and not have to recreate the wheel. Equine Connection truly wants to build up their facilitators to be successful. Because we aren’t successful until you are.

Horse course, horse school, horse program, horse work, horse learning…. whatever you want to call it; it is achieving a dream career for you and the horses you work with. It’s an opportunity to bring your passion and your career together to live a life of purposeful fulfillment.

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