What Do I Get With My Certification?

What the heck do I get with my 'Certification Course?' There are a lot of different equine assisted courses out there. How does one choose? This is the only horse course with business training of it’s kind in the world with successful facilitators globally.

"You girls are amazing!! I know of no other business training - thinking of university, college, technical college, private courses etc - that guide their graduates every step of the way. The course is worth so much more than the cost. You rock!"  Jane Hemingway-Mohr


Receive our secrets; the "what works" and "what doesn't." Belong to a company that knows that if YOU are not successful, we are not either. Kari, the owner, started with nothing except a dream. She rented a piece of land outside and rented the horses to begin this purposeful career. Here is a copy of her book 'It's Not Your Dream If It's Not Hard'.

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Mission Statement

We strive to advance working and understanding our horses continually. They are the key to our successful businesses. Our horse/horses are the ultimate teachers in globally helping people to change their lives. We move our certified clients into creating their own successful equine business in their community. In providing outstanding marketing solutions that work, business training and support for the life of their careers. Equine Connection - where successful facilitators in equine assisted learning are born.

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