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Online School Level 1

Course Week January 1, 2017 through January 1, 2018

Start Time: January 1, 2017 at 12:00 AM
End Time: January 1, 2018 at 12:00 AM
Early end time on last day of all Certification Courses
Address: Online, Equine Connection Certified EAL Course Facility.

Yes! We have an online EAL equine course for those who have a passion to work with horses and want to help people through the power of the horse with objectively driven programs. Want to learn more about how the horse is the ‘teacher’, then this is the course for you! If you can’t afford to take the full five day EAL Certification Course, or simply don’t have the five days of time to attend? Get started with your Equine Online Studies. This is a way for you to keep working towards your goals/dreams and learn the theory behind Equine Assisted Learning BuildingBlock™.

The online equine course will help you learn the theory portion of the extensive equine assisted learning business course. Then you can move to the next EAL Level 2 to complete your hands on training when you are ready. All the business tools you need to succeed in the equine industry delivered by the Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc.
What does the Level 1 online equine course cover?

  • How to ‘Facilitate vs Teach’. Facilitating empowers individuals.
  • Herd Rules, Understanding Herd Behaviour.
  • Behaviour Modification through EAL.
  • How People Learn through research already tested.
  • It is All about the Horse.
  • Managing the conflict and group energy that occurs through these groups in EAL.
  • How these objectively driven programs get to the result for your clients.
  • How to use horses in a more natural state so they are the teachers.
  • How to facilitate through the teachable moments horses create for us.
  • Managing conflict (an essential part of EAL) with your clients.


  • Instructor guidance throughout online course
  • Heart of EAL Textbook
  • Video’s that will help you understand how your programs are used and delivered with using the objectives embedded in all the programs
  • Miro is a Behavioural Mode Assessment. It really helps you as a facilitator to understand the different personalities that will be coming into your EAL business
  • Online training to prepare you for your hands-on learning and to increase your familiarity with the theory and structure behind the BuildingBlock™ EAL course and its delivery.

This is a 6 month online training of theory which will prepare you for your next step of becoming an EAL Certification Facilitator. This is done at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Learn all the theory behind Equine Assisted Learning, and how all the programs work in this BuildingBlock™ course. The designer of these amazing programs took all that’s been researched on how human beings learn, and all the research that’s been done on wild horses, and brought the two together to create experiential learning programs. These programs are designed to help human beings learn and understand the changes that they need to make within themselves. Equine Assisted Learning works, because it's not the people that are the teachers, it's the horses!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a certification to provide EAL services - but will count as your theory towards your certification.

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