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            [meta_description] => Certified Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Course For Business. Becoming a Certified EAL Facilitator is about inspiring and helping other human beings develop life skills! Horses are the teachers to help people. No riding. EAL is created with objectives to bring clients results with the BuildingBlock™ EAL Course.
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Sydney NSW Australia - Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitation Courses

Introducing a revolutionary new approach to changing lives through horses. Imagine how YOU can do it!

Where Successful Facilitators are Born! It's not just a certification... it's a career!

Investment - Having a passion as a career – PRICELESS

Pay for course in full or use our payment plan interest free

  • $5497 (CDN) + GST 5%. A $1000 deposit guarantee's your spot in the  Equine Assisted Business Training Course! Includes:
    • 5 days plus 6 month online training review
    • Training after your 5 days for life of career
    • How to get clients
    • How to make your investment back quickly
    • How to make a beautiful living with this career
    • How to run your own facilitator equine business
    • How to market your own facilitator equine business
    • All the do’s and don’t in this field
    • A business pack that will save you THREE YEARS of setup time and get your business moving NOW!
  • Payment Plan Available Interest Free
  • Courses fill up quick! Limited enrollment for optimal training.

Payment options available!

  1. $1000 - Registration deposit and payment plan
  2. $5497 - Pay in Full and SAVE! Enter Code SIGNMEUP at checkout to save $300  
  3. $5994 - Pay in Full and SAVE! Enter Code SIGNMEUP at checkout to save $300! Include the ‘Training Video’s’ and save an additional $50!
  4. $4597 - Associate Certified Facilitator - Already in an equine business? Just want to be an associate to help other Certified Facilitators? Want to do this just for me? Bottom line… you want the certification but you don’t need the business portion, now here is your chance. This is 4 days and does not include the business day nor the business package.

If you are waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, the time is NOW!  Your dream careers starts with one click!

Why do you offer so much with this course?

I know it is hard to believe that we offer all that we do, but the reason we chose to do this is because we genuinely want our facilitators to succeed. When I was originally certified in the Equine Assisted Learning industry, there was no training for how to run the business once you received your certification. There was no knowledge on how to market to your potential clients and so much money was wasted travelling back and forth to the facility with additional fees to get more training, and coming out with no solution! When I became an instructor, I wanted to make sure that anyone who was certified through us wouldn’t have to go through the same struggles, and so we hired a coach for over $20,000 to learn how to market these programs, and to learn how to help all of our facilitators market this program as well. That is why the Equine Connection is where successful Facilitators are born! WOW, what do I get?

Yes! Book my spot! How to Succeed



Location Map

Places to Stay:

Miramare Gardens Checkers Resort Terrey Hills Caravan Park
289 Mona Vale Road,
Terrey Hills NSW 2084

(02) 9450 2000

3301 Mona Vale Road
Terrey Hills, NSW 2084
(02) 9450 2422

319 Mona Vale Road
Terrey Hills NSW 2084
(02) 9450 1781


Jane Hemingway-Mohr

Equine Assisted Learning Calgary Ontario Australia


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